Prize Hopper

We Appreciate All Of You!

Often, during our busy times, we forget to let you know how much we appreciate you! PrizeHopper and Team wouldn’t be here without each and every one of you. All of you keep our site going everyday! With your support and participation in our giveaways, we are able to continue.

If you’re new to PrizeHopper, thank you for joining! Please read through our policies for detailed information on how to enter. PrizeHopper continues to give away numerous prizes throughout the year. In the form of cash and gift cards, you won’t be disappointed! 

PrizeHopper relies on all of our dedicated participants each and every day! We ask all of you to play PrizeHopper daily, entering an active email up to 10 times. Encourage others to participate. Make it fun and put some strategies together for others to engage with you.

Have you been one of our lucky PrizeHopper winners from the past? Share with your friends, family, and neighbors! Let them know how easy it is to play and win!! Show them the ropes and share with our PrizeHopper team. We’d love to hear from you 😀

PrizeHopper sweepstakes are completely legal to enter. Depending on the amount you win, a tax form may be needed. If additional information is needed from our winners, someone from our PrizeHopper team will contact you via email. 

Winners have up to one year, once they are notified, to respond and accept their cash offer. Please check your spam if you believe you have won in the PrizeHopper sweepstakes, and have not received a “winners notification”. We want to make sure all of our winners accept and receive their prize in a timely manner. 

Once again, We Appreciate All of You!!! Thank you for your continued support and participation. We hope you are the next lucky winner of PrizeHopper sweepstakes. Good Luck! ☘️

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