Prize Hopper

Sweepstakes Tips

We all know the only way to win a sweepstakes is to enter, right?!? But, for our devoted “sweepers”, there’s a bit of planning involved. Our PrizeHopper team is going to give you a few extra tips to increase your odds of winning. Here ya go!

1. You may increase your chances of winning if you devote about 3-5 hours per week just on sweepstakes. 

2. Always enter the maximum allowed for each sweeps. 

3. Try setting a specific time aside each day to enter your sweepstakes. This will get you in a routine, so there is no need you’ll forget your daily entries.

4. Don’t expect to win overnight. Be realistic and play as often as needed, until you win. 

5. You can win more than one time. There is no limit to how many times you can be chosen as a winner in our PrizeHopper sweepstakes.

6. Winners are always chosen at random. Remember there is no “magic number”. 

There are no geographics. Winners can be chosen from anywhere PrizeHopper is offered. There can be none or numerous winners from specific demographics. 

We want all of our players to have the same chance to win. Devote your time and enter daily. You need to enter regularly to increase your chances. Follow our useful tips and don’t give up!

Our PrizeHopper team wishes all of you the Best of Luck!!!

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