Prize Hopper

Prize Hopper's 1st Winner!

Prize Hopper launched the sweepstakes website in January 2021. Freddie the Frog, Prize Hopper’s mascot, has been waiting to award the 1st Winner for longer than he can say. Freddie just wants winners to jump into the Prize Hopper Prize Pond with him. LOL! Freddie the Frog told the Prize Hopper Prize Team to get moving and start awarding sweepers weekly and that started as of February 10, 2021.

Freddie the Frog and the Prize Hopper Prize Team adds a winner’s name to the Prize Hopper Winner Page on the site - what is referred to as Freddie’s Field of Fame. Right now you can find all current winners once you enter a sweepstakes. Eventually, Prize Hopper will add a WINNER page to the home page menu for easy access. Seeing your name as a Prize Hopper winner is possible. So, keep entering daily!

Prize Hopper’s 1st winner was Gary T from Phoenix, AZ. Gary won $25 cash from the Prize Hopper Sweepstakes that ended at midnight February 10. On February 11, once a winner was drawn at random by a third-party from all submitted entries for the $25 Cash Sweeps, Freddie the Frog and the Prize Hopper Prize Team sent a winner notification email to Gary alerting him of his win.

Gary, the 1st Prize Hopper winner, was advised that he won the $25 Cash Sweepstakes from Prize Hopper and that he had a choice of payment for the prize he won. All winner can select to collect their prize from the following:

Check sent in the mail

PayPal deposit

Amazon Gift Card

Gary chose to collect his prize by a PayPal transfer into his account. PayPal and Amazon Gift Card payments are delivered the same day they are processed. If the transaction for PayPal or an Amazon Gift Card doesn’t go through 24 hours after the Prize Hopper Prize Team confirms complete, it’s important to contact Prize Hopper Customer Service. That way, they can look into the matter and resolve it.

A check sent in the mail will take longer than a PayPal deposit or Amazon Gift Card. The check processing takes a few business days and delivery is dependent on your local postal service. However you decide to collect your sweepstakes prize, it’s OH SO exciting to win something for free!

Freddie the Frog sends his congratulations to Gary and all Prize Hopper winners to date. He wishes best of luck to those yet to win and will look for you in the Prize Hopper Prize Pond!

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