Prize Hopper

How Prize Hopper Winners are Picked & Notified

At Prize Hopper, Freddie the Frog (Prize Hopper’s mascot) is running a sweepstakes business that is 100% free to enter. Freddie gets SO EXCITED to award cash and prize to his loyal followers he likes to call Freddie’s Sweeper Army.

Each of Prize Hopper’s sweepstakes has an “end” date. Make sure to take note of the end date when you enter sweepstakes. That way, you can keep track so you don’t miss out on important notifications from Prize Hopper. Most sweepstakes on Prize Hopper allow up to 10 entries per day. Winners are chosen on the day the contest ends at Midnight Eastern Time.

An independent Third Party oversees Prize Hopper Sweepstakes and conducts the winner selection once a prize end date expires. All winners are chosen at random very similar to a lottery type drawing. Once the winner is picked, Freddie the Frog has the Prize Hopper Prize Team send out a prize-winner email notification. The winner email notification is sent to the email address submitted when entering. Be sure to use your main email address or an email address specifically used for sweepstakes.

Please reply to the Prize Hopper prize-winner email to confirm and verify acceptance of your prize. You will have a choice of how you would like your prize delivered. If you win a cash prize, you can accept payment via check, PayPal or Amazon Gift Card. If you win a prize other than cash, you can accept the prize or take the cash equivalent via the payment types mentioned above (check, PayPal, Amazon Gift Card). Any prize issued is at no charge to Prize Hopper Sweepers - Freddie’s Followers.

Once you confirm your prize, the Prize Hopper Team will process as quickly as possible. The fastest delivery is generally a direct PayPal payment or an Amazon Gift Card - which takes about 1-2 business days. A check, sent in the mail, usually takes longer, depending on your postal delivery service. No matter the delivery method, we aim to deliver it to you as quickly as possible.

If you ever have any questions or concerns, feel free to Contact Us. The Prize Hopper Support Team will address your concerns and get back to you as soon as possible.

Freddie the Frog wishes you the best of luck and hopes you benefit from the Bullfrog’s Bounty!

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