Prize Hopper

Prize Hopper Prize Pond

Prize Hopper’s mascot - Freddie the Frog - loves awarding sweepstakes winners and wants you to hop into the Prize Hopper Prize Pond.

Freddie the Frog met with the Prize Hopper Prize Team just before the sweepstakes website launched in January 2021 to discuss what sweepstakes would be included in the Prize Pond. Freddie and The Prize Team came to an agreement just before the sweepstakes website launched.

The Team decided to start with 6 sweepstakes ranging from $25 Cash to $555 Cash as well as a Fire HD 10 Tablet. The sweepstakes Prize Hopper included when the site was launched included:

$25 Cash

$30 Amazon Gift Card

$50 Cash

$100 Cash

Fire HD 10 Tablet

$250 Cash

Not long after the launch of the Prize Hopper sweepstakes website, Freddie the Frog and the Prize Hopper Prize Team got approval to add a BIGGER CASH PRIZE of $555 CASH!! Freddie was SO excited he was hopping around telling everyone about it. We simply can’t keep that boy down :)

Every so often a sweepstakes is added or replaced in order to keep the prizes fresh and interesting to Prize Hopper Sweepers. Don’t be alarmed to see a missing sweepstakes or two on the website. That means the Prize Hopper Prize Team is evaluating and deciding on what sweepstakes to put up next. Freddie the Frog in most cases has sweepstakes input, but it generally comes down to the performance data and which sweepstakes are doing better than others.

Prize Hopper is 100% free to enter up to 10 times daily - 10 times per sweepstakes. The more times you enter daily, the more chances you have. Prize Hopper sends out emails once a person enters a sweepstakes. That way, that person, maybe even you, never forgets to enter each day. Freddie the Frog wants you to win - so get sweepin’ and submit your maximum entries each day and get on Freddie’s Field of Fame - the Prize Hopper Winners Page!

Freddie the Frog wishes you the best of luck and hopes you benefit from the Bullfrog’s Bounty!

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