Prize Hopper

How to Contact Prize Hopper if You Have Questions

Read below if you have questions and need to contact Prize Hopper.

Freddie the Frog, Prize Hopper’s mascot, is always available to answer any of your questions and able to help with any concerns you may have.

Let Freddie direct you to the Prize Hopper website where you can find the Contact Us page which is located at the very bottom of any Prize Hopper web page. Hop on to the “Contact” button. Freddie will ask the Prize Hopper Team to get back to you as quickly as possible.

Freddie the Frog wants to share some of the Frequently Asked Questions which may quickly answer your questions or relieve your concerns. Jump down to the topic that fits the issue.

How to Enter Prize Hopper Sweepstakes:

IT’s SO EASY to enter sweeps on Prize Hopper. All you have to do is choose the prize you would like chances to win. Next, fill in your main email address in the box provided and hit the “ENTER NOW!” button. That’s it! No kidding. Your entries will be submitted and stored based on the email address you used to enter sweepstakes. Make sure to keep an eye out for important messages from Prize Hopper.

How to Win Prize Hopper Sweepstakes:

Once a Prize Hopper sweepstakes ends, a winner is chosen at random from the total number of entries received during the sweepstakes period. All entries have the same chances and are contingent on the total number of entries Prize Hopper receives at the time the sweepstakes ends.

What Happens if You Win a Prize Hopper Sweepstakes?

Freddie the Frog will send you a winning email message if you are chosen as a lucky Prize Hopper winner. The winning email will be sent to the email address used to submit entries. Before you hit the “ENTER NOW!” button when submitting Prize Hopper entries, be sure to check the spelling of your email address to ensure it is correct. Then, keep a look-out for messages and notifications from Prize Hopper.

How to Collect Your Prize if You Win a Prize Hopper Sweepstakes?

If you receive a prize winning email notification from Freddie the Frog at Prize Hopper, follow the instructions in the email from Freddie and choose how you would like to receive your prize payment. Good news - Prize Hopper does not collect a fee if you win. You will have your choice of a check sent in the mail, a direct PayPal payment or an Amazon Gift Card.

What if You Find Your Name on the Prize Hopper Winners Page?

If you happen to see your name on Freddie’s Field of Fame, Prize Hopper’s Winners Page, but did not receive a winner’s email notification yet, please use the Contact Us page to let Freddie know. He will advise the Prize Hopper Support Team and they will be hoppy to help you.

Freddie the Frog wishes you the best of luck and hopes you benefit from the Bullfrog’s Bounty!

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