Prize Hopper

$100 Cash Sweeps

Jump into the Prize Hopper Jackpot and enter for a chance to win Freddie the Frog’s $100 Cash Sweepstakes. Winning cash for free is a very popular sweepstakes and who wouldn’t want to win! Free cash is fun to win and then you get to spend it the way you please.

Each Prize Hopper sweepstakes has a maximum amount of daily entries allowed. See each sweep for entry details. Entries are accepted before midnight ET daily. Prize Hopper is 100% free to join and you can make entries every single day. Everyone who plays on Prize Hopper has the same chance of winning, but Freddie the Frog can offer this advice - the more times you enter, the more chances you get to win!

If you win a prize on, you will receive a winner notification in your email from the Prize Hopper Team. Make sure to use your main email address when entering sweeps so you don’t miss out on any important messages or notifications. Freddie the Frog, Prize Hopper’s mascot, would be SO VERY upset if you missed out on collecting a prize.

Winners are posted on the Prize Hopper Winners page or what Freddie The Frog calls Freddie’s Field of Fame. Enter daily for your chance to see your name on Freddie’s Field of Fame!

Check out all of Prize Hopper Sweepstakes. Freddie the Frog wishes you the best of luck and hopes you benefit from the Bullfrog’s Bounty!

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